Smart Building Solutions

Achieve more with fewer resources by implementing a
seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security
and energy management solutions. Beta Technologies’ powerful
enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can
provide many advantages: optimize building performance and
functionality Automated monitoring and control through a single,
manageable platform Maximized energy and operational
efficiency Better decision-making abilities Strategic control of
your facility and reduced risk Lower life cycle costs Increased
safety and security for greater occupant comfort Improved ROI
over the life span of your building.


For several communication and security services, Beta
Technologies relies on the cutting edge products, integration
and expertise of CCTV Security Systems. We closely work with
the certified network of professionals and integrators to develop
reliable communication, life safety and security solutions and
services for enterprises.
We provide network, security and digital infrastructure for
multiple sites of your organization, right from headquarters,
branches, and divisions to other units through unified
communications, IP telephony, IP CCTV, video conferencing
and IP networking driven by our premium CCTV products.
Finding its importance in almost every segment of the market,
our services are regarded to be trustworthy and high-grade
professional solutions in the region of access control, IP
communication and data, public address, enterprise voice and

To realize these advantages, it is key to integrate your new and
existing building management systems, solutions, technologies
and business processes into one platform. The result will be
more efficient performance, simplified operations and more
afford- able growth through reduced energy and operating costs.
Building integration helps protect your investments and ensures
long-lasting building value.


With over few years of rich experience and innovation, Beta’s
CCTV solutions remains to the epitome of security and
excellence. Our premium products are designed to meet the
present needs of the industry without compromising with its
future expansion. This means integrating the surveillance
system of your firm with the best of Beta’s Security Systems
and our advance services will allow you to protect the systems,
while simultaneously working on other crucial functionalities of
the business.

Our surveillance integrated network
is structured with the help of a wide
range of CCTV cameras, ranging
from but not limited to:


Each one of them plays a significant role in managing and
maintaining the security and safety of your enterprise and that
too with perfection.
Before determining the kind of CCTV security integration that
will be suitable for your business, our consultants analyze the
dynamics & infrastructure of your organization, understand the
requirements that should be met and then come up with
solutions and services that will be best for the same.


Gone are those days when you had to worry about 24 X 7
surveillance system of your premises, because with the advance
range of CCTV cameras, each and every aspect of the business
will remain secured for years to come. The dynamic range,
superior resolution, high impact, vandal alert sensors and easy
installation makes them an excellent option for small, medium
and large companies too.
From the next generation of digital closed circuit television
(CCTV) systems, alarm systems to access control operations
and digital video manager (DVM), back your organization with
the best of our surveillance solutions curated by Beta
Technologies. We believe that security, productivity and
efficiency are the three core pillars of a firm and to base a strong
foundation you have to count on industry-driven technology and
support ventured for the development of the firm.
Our array of security solutions and services acknowledge the
present challenges of safety, enterprise operations and video
surveillance. For this, we have programmed a well-defined
model that implements enterprise network communications for
reducing the need of coaxial cables and at the same time
ensuring outstanding portability.
The flexible architecture adapts with existing CCTV infrastructure
as well including the multiplexers, cables, monitors and analog
switches, while improving functionality with integration of the
network. This secures your CCTV and surveillance investments
and lets you take advantage of the latest technologies that keep
on evolving continuously.
This means through our finest range of solutions, your
organization will be able to manage recorded databases and
security system effortlessly. No longer will your employees have
to search from a myriad of videotapes looking for a particular
record, as video images are automatically stored in the
databases of DVM, where they can be viewed and located easily
by using advance search options. Further, these services are
linked with Pro-Watch Security Management that features an
alarm and real-time recording in case of emergencies.


Beta Technologies enables you make the most of the Security
solutions and services through customer-centric features which

  • A software based architecture that can be used to manage
    hardware in order to achieve proprietary digital solutions,
    making it future proof investment for protection.
  • Complete integration of advance softwares designed to store,
    manage and view the recordings
  • Built-in detection for the activation of recordings and initiating
    alarms in events of critical application
  • A revolutionary architecture that combines remote IP Video
    and leverages the existing Ethernet network of the premises
  • Intelligent recording solutions so that any vital recording is
    never missed, such as capturing best quality video before a
    major event occurred
  • State-of-art storage systems and convenient access
    providing the essential video that you need on-time and
  • Effective collection of videos that decreases the amount of
    irrelevant and redundant recordings.


Beta Technologies brings integrated reliable, secure and scalable
solutions designed for access control to make your premises
future-proof. Because manufacturing industries, airports or
enterprises each one of them demand a robust solution that can
be deployed according to the evolving security needs of the
organization. To address these challenges, we have come up with
high-quality access control systems for our customers.
Our aim is to transform the unique requirements of companies into
proven solutions that are able to enhance operational
effectiveness. Considering the global presence of many vendors
along with the strategic expertise, knowledge and innovation that
we nurture, the ideas that we develop adhere to the security
architecture of your business.
Beta Technologies is known for its integrated security services
and solutions that curtails from capability description, user
requirement analysis, implementation, product designing and the
much-needed real life support services. We cover an array of
solutions focusing on control and command, video, intrusion
detection and access control for commercial and public
applications. To deliver the best of surveillance systems, our
company counts on three smart products and these are:


It is a hybrid control panel meant for commercial environment and
scales to over 512 zones and is ideal for high-end applications.
The various elements of the system can be configured in seconds
so that it turns out to be the right choice for your corporate
network. The framework of this technology is based on
modernized devices that prepare the premises for tomorrow and


These are modular controllers that support web server and
Ethernet work for optimal commercial environments. Most of
them are equipped with almost 8 zones along with wireless
gateway which immediately communicates with the associated
intruder devices through advance European frequency and
offers amazing security from jamming to interference.


This is a multi-user pass that creates an unbeatable security
environment with the power of Windows XP and stands to be
one of the finest options for corporate governance and
regulatory compliance. It comes with a feature rich system that
can be customized to adapt with the changing critical
applications of your business.


Buildings remain to be an integral aspect of an enterprise, they
form the foundation of its ecosystem and thus shape the life and
quality of its users. Because at the end of the day, employees
spend almost 90% of the time working inside the premises and
in order to meet the present challenges, these buildings are
becoming more efficient than ever. This is where you need to
take crucial decisions to make the building effective & smarter to
bring out the best of organizational and human resources.
The concept of smart building brought to you by Beta
Technologies is enriched with futuristic approach in which
analytics and connectivity are implemented for taking automatic
actions to solve any business problem. This can range from
anything, be it optimization of work flow, adjusting the light in
terms of occupancy level or other such operational activities.
Give the security systems of your business the direction that it
need with the potent services redefined by the competence and
skill of Beta Technologies.