A security solution is an important investment for many years
and to help you venture on the best, we have collaborated with
world-class Network Security providers to provide the requisite
features and modularity to keep enterprises abreast the future
changes of information system.
Because in this “bring your innovative side world” managing
your business and living up to the advance changes that occur
in agile operations of the firm can be challenging. But, you will
never have to worry about it anymore when you have the
specialized services of Beta Technologies by your side.
Offering a new approach towards security, we help you
overcome modern threats in the system so that your business
operates smoothly without any complications. Our Network
Security driven solutions are based on the framework of
Multi-Layer Collaborative Security. This is a holistic model that
renders participation of security engines so that together they
can be the future of information defense. We deploy certified
and advance technologies of highest level so that your
company never compromises with the security of its


We combine the expertise of our professionals with the advance
and trustworthy products to protect various network end points,
data and network infrastructure. For this, we rely on the major
networking solutions like:


This one of a kind solution constantly monitors and immediately
blocks the programs that have a suspicious behavior such as
exploiting vulnerabilities, memory access and key logging in
real-time. It maintains high-standard security environment for
those subjects that are often prone to threats including sales
terminals and operational technology.


The data security is a comprehensive suite for data encryption
and device because it protects data of any kind in any form- in
the shared cloud servers, on devices, internal team or shared
with business partners. A crucial element of SDS is the effective
tools meant to safeguard confidential information, customer
data, intellectual property and employee data while keeping an
alignment with security and workflow, ensuring productivity
never slows down.


When it comes to data protection, Beta Technologies brings to
you advance and trusted data protection services to reduce
vulnerabilities to network attacks and insider threats. Secure
every information of your organization, right from e-mails, web
and more, while simultaneously performing various business
operations at extreme ease. This means now you can gain
visibility and at the same time control the user behavior to
protect the much-needed confidential data.


Stolen credentials, hijacked system or unintentional actions of
employees, these are some of the situations that can turn out to
be a company’s worst nightmare. But, you can protect the
valuable information using our unraveled visibility insider threat
data protection (ITDP) services and solutions. ITDP integrates
the movement of every data with behavior of the user to ensure
100% secure and effective data protection.
Our data protection solution allows you to bid adieu to those
days when you had to struggle with a myriad of channels only
to protect the data servers, mails and other critical business
information. We take advantage of the most comprehensive
ITDP solution in order to overcome breaches and keep the data
systems safe.


We believe that in the present era, enterprises have evolved to be more decentralized
than ever. This increases the demand of reliable and consistent security policies
across the corporate offices, headquarters, and branches, corporate locations,
divisions, remote channels and even home office, as each one of them are crucial for
the development of your business.
Managing multiple premises with an army of employees is a tedious process, while
configuring and updating various devices is yet another daunting task. Through our
world acclaimed solutions, you can seamlessly manage thousands of systems with
the next generation of firewall using a single platform. It combines application control,
sophisticated prevention terminology along with innovative intrusion prevention
system (IPS) into easy to implement solution.


Meant for the physical separation of various networks,
Multilevel Security (MLS) is beneficial to secure
various components of a data network. This
technology gets its origin from the intelligence and
defense communities. It can be set according to the
varying degree of data securities using a network
segmentation model.


Our teams of professionals are known for their years of experience and
intuitive approach towards the ever changing demands of cyber security.
To serve you with the best, we feature two most promising data security
solutions, which are:


Complexity in the management of business operations leads to a steep
increase in expenses and decreases security at the same time. To
overcome this issue, a unified content security (UCS) approach is
structured that offers security to e-mails, web and other potential
channels covering office campuses, mobile devices and roaming users


Beta Technologies introduces the next level of security to protect data
networks & servers to perfection while preserving critical functionalities
of your business. Our services, enable companies to encrypt sensitive
data not only when they are channelized within a network but at the same
time are shared with employees or clients, so that businesses can
confidently be in compliance with regulatory requirements, contractual
obligations and privacy policies for managing confidential data.
Our data encryption solutions and services classifies data into different
custom fields and segments, where attachments and files are secured
using system-grade derivates. This means every piece of information
remains under a secured framework even when other lines of defense
mechanisms are compromised.


To help customers handle the compliance needs and complex corporate
governance, we launched our data encryption services. Beta
Technologies helps customer to monitor what is happening with their
sensitive data, who can have an access to them, determine the present
state of the data and encrypt it at rest. The three core services that are
part of our data encryption services are:


This more like a form of time machines, giving clients the opportunity to
go back and consider the value and state of their data on any date and
on any time. Basically, it expands what is present in the latest field
history, giving information of almost 10 years old where the audit trial can
be as much as 60 per sector. The framework of this service is based on
the big backup data that enriches massive scalability, letting owners
audit their data in a matter of seconds.


This gives unrivaled visibility and control to the customers ensuring they
are able to capture what sort of data the users are viewing, their IP
address and the kind of actions that are being taken in regard to that
particular data. You can just access standard file using API and this pulls
the data through various visualization tools. Then, the data can be
tracked in terms of number of edits, views, prints, refresh list, change of
ownership and exports too.


Since information expands with the growth of company, there are several
data that must be secured while simultaneously maintaining the workload
operations too. Beta Technologies allows you to do it the right way,
through its premium encryption solutions.