Beta Technologies strives to deliver accurate data analysis
and superior performance concerning the vast optical
infrastructure adapted by your business. We understand that
optical networks have evolved from circuit oriented
architecture to the next generation of multiservice and
advance framework that supports effective transmission
compared to the conventional networks.
To help you bring out the best from your enterprise, our team
of experts follow the well-planned protocol, ensuring the
desired standards are always met without any compromises.
Video and data, triple play of voice or quadruple play, each
one of them are an essential component of your business and
we are here to streamline them with the cutting edge solutions
designed by the master-makers. This allows you to manage
the optical transport system effectively by implementing
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDS) and SONET, two of the
most promising products featured by us.


The innovative optical networking technology has found its importance
across innumerable industries. Large enterprises rely on its framework
for transportation of critical information from one medium to another.
With our exceptional range of services you can:

  • Simplify the entire service provisioning
  • Reduce operational and capital costs
  • Enhance efficiency, scalability and manageability
  • Support an array of high-bandwidth functions
  • Overcome the limitation of distance

Our optical networking solutions and services can be the backbone to
expansion, optimization and resilience of your enterprise. Because it
decreases the need of maintaining multiple areas of network and
simultaneously develops structured organization to achieve business
goals that demand the availability of aThis level of organization can help enterprises save capital and time, while giving them the opportunity to focus on the core objectives of their
business.n unbeatable optical infrastructure.
Taking this concept to the next level, we are adopting Reconfigurable
Optical Add or Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) that provides a high boost of
capacity of the networks and ensures:

  • Simplified reallocation and reconfiguration of the bandwidth
  • Excellent responsive ability to turn bandwidth up using faster circuit activation and provision
  • Better agility

Our commitment towards quality is reflected in the products, services &
solutions that we incorporate for providing consistent and continuous
results to our clients. We realize that enterprise networking can be highly
demanding and thus combine the power of Dense Wavelength Division
Multiplexing (DWDM) for a high-speed and effective carrier interconnect
and Ethernet connectivity, along with storage area network (SAN) for
managed extension of services.
The DWDM platform that we feature in collaboration with optical
networking solutions offers ring and point-to-point topology leading to
transmission across varied distances. Protocol independent and 100%
transparent, DWDM is an exceptional method of carrying storage
protocols, SDH, video, data and SONET.
Multiple signals can be effectively transmitted in one optical fiber, where
each signal moves in a different wavelength. This means various traffic
forms are segmented to one single wavelength after which they are
transmitted to long distances without any interruption.
ROADM is one of the latest innovations that provides brilliant scalability
and manageability to the networks. DWDM enabled with a ROADM
node has the ability to carry over 40 wavelength, which showcases its
high-capacity, speed to the customers on multi-ringed and meshed
optical networks.
The time has come to make your enterprise future-proof with our
specialized range of optical networking solutions & services delivered.
We address the requirements of customers and come up with solutions
suitable for their business.