Mobile Data Center

Beta Technologies takes immense pride in its seamless
telepresence, network management, video conferencing and
wireless interoperability solutions delivered. Though our advance
and unique cloud networking solutions, your organization can
easily deploy the infrastructure for critical business applications.
This can be achieved on any device ranging from desktops,
mobile phones and more.
Beta is a promising destination for enterprise centric solutions
and has grouped its mobile products into four independent
categories which are: Continue reading “Mobile Data Center”

Solar System Solutions


We have the experience and capacity to support solar projects
from inception, throughout the development and construction
stages and for the complete lifetime of the plant.


Based on our substantial project development experience, we
selectively target project development opportunities. We aim to
add value through a collaborative approach with local and
international developers and investors. Continue reading “Solar System Solutions”



Beta Technologies strives to deliver accurate data analysis
and superior performance concerning the vast optical
infrastructure adapted by your business. We understand that
optical networks have evolved from circuit oriented
architecture to the next generation of multiservice and
advance framework that supports effective transmission
compared to the conventional networks.
To help you bring out the best from your enterprise, our team
of experts follow the well-planned protocol, ensuring the
desired standards are always met without any compromises.
Video and data, triple play of voice or quadruple play, each
one of them are an essential component of your business and
we are here to streamline them with the cutting edge solutions
designed by the master-makers. This allows you to manage
the optical transport system effectively by implementing
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDS) and SONET, two of the
most promising products featured by us. Continue reading “Optical”

Who We Are

Beta Technologies is a leading IT solutions and services
company headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that came into
existence with a vision to deliver the best of consultancy, security
and technology for Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare,
Government Telecom and IT firms.
We combine advance solutions with strategic expertise to
achieve scalable and adaptable services to meet the business
requirements of our customers. Use of latest technology has
remained to be the essence of our proven capabilities and strong
credentials. Our commitment towards quality backed by a team
of competent professionals makes us a trusted and renowned
brand across several verticals of industry. There are a wide
range of services that we provide including Networking,
management solutions, Data Centers, Access Control and
Mobile data solutions. Continue reading “Who We Are”