Beta Technologies, a specialist in consulting, IT and business managing services believes in the power of cloud technology
and infrastructure and understand that these two components
can be the key behind creating maximum value to the enterprise
and improving customer experience. To ensure our customers
are enriched with the best, we have partnered with the world
renowned communications technology and information vendors
to build a collaborative, well-connected and innovative corporate
governance for your business.
Based on customer-centric innovations, we have several
end-to-end solutions that provide competitive advantage to
companies in cloud computing, devices and enterprise network.
We are dedicated to offer maximum value through our wireless
communication solutions and services simplifying the process of
managing a business in no time.
Our endeavors are to structure an effective and integrated digital
system which enhances interactivity and interconnectivity
between the employees across a organization and people and
information to lit a spark of infinite potential and opportunities for
everyone. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of the
dynamics of IT technologies, helps us curate the best solutions
that your business can unleash.


We understand the importance of IT in any business and have
developed a team of qualified experts, who analyze the
requirements that you have and then come up with solutions that
will be suitable for the same. Our industry-experts consider each
and every dimension of the business and then decide how it can
be transformed with right practices and technology.
Be it the technical performance of a network, optimal security
and future ready, each and every component is addressed by the
next generation network security features that bring a new
solution for better protected IT systems that allows your company
to expand but without any possible threats even during times of
immense challenge. Give your business a new life with the
abilities of Beta Technologies.
The demand for personalized and interactive enterprise data
systems has led to the development of “omnimedia” in which
format of data is made agnostic, no matter what the source might
be. Taking this concept to the next level, we here at Beta
Technologies have collaborated with futuristic solutions to offer
adaptable mobile data services & solutions that simplifies the
interaction and interconnection of data systems across the
enterprise network.


  • Cloud oriented architecture for high
    performance and compatibility with
    complex management systems.
  • Different types of devices depending
    upon the size of enterprise such as
    small, medium and large scale
    businesses, allowing they are able to
    make the most of technology
  • Scalable devices that are designed
    according to the demands of
    enterprise, reducing expenses
    while improving performance.
  • Reliable, efficient and flexible
    services and solutions meant for
    the development of your company.

Our customer-centric services address the three core challenges that most of the business have to face in this global era and they are:


Taking care of the faulty or long cables is a tedious job but
now these can be replaced by the innovative solutions of
LTE and Wireless. This is a future-proof solution that is
compatible with an array of technologies such as distributed
MIMO and flexible multi-carrier aggregation.


The traditional systems require multiple networks of one
particular organization, while advance LET systems support
innumerable operators, where one particular network can
be shared for a uniform and well-structured data
infrastructure. This creates a win-win ecosystem for policy
support, customer satisfaction and capital management.


Determining the data center requirement of an organization is a
time consuming and daunting process, where there are several
aspects that must be taken care of. But, to help you with the best,
we are here with our premium range of services where we
analyze the potential needs of your data infrastructure and
suggest that will be suitable for the same.


Aimed to deliver excellent products and solutions for mobile data
center management, we are the one-stop destination for
analytics to scalable results, mass storage system for data and
creative solutions to meet the rapidly evolving data environment.
Our open architecture follows certified model for consistent and
continuous results with strict regulations.
We include technologies for authorization and authentication,
data encryption, generalization, secure transmission along with
flexible privacy policies and data protection.
Our solutions provided is abide by the technical and legislative
requirements of over 100 countries, and our track record of
successful results is a reflection of it. We render healthcare
facilities, rental, finance, government units and other carrier
enterprises configured for them will have an incredible
progressive impact on their data management systems and that
too in a short span of time.