Mobile Data Center

Beta Technologies takes immense pride in its seamless
telepresence, network management, video conferencing and
wireless interoperability solutions delivered. Though our advance
and unique cloud networking solutions, your organization can
easily deploy the infrastructure for critical business applications.
This can be achieved on any device ranging from desktops,
mobile phones and more.
Beta is a promising destination for enterprise centric solutions
and has grouped its mobile products into four independent
categories which are:


This is an enterprise wide communication solution featuring full
suite of endpoints and services. The major products that are part
of UC include IP Phones, Unified Gateways and Unified
Communication Manager. It gives your business an opportunity
to grow with enhanced IP systems over the traditional dense
wavelength separation, offering better integration and scalability
supporting expansion without any extra network costs.


Face-to-face virtual conference is an integral aspect of any
business and this can be easily achieved with the
implementation of next generation products from Beta. Some of
these are: Hosted and Managed Telepresence, Endpoints Suite
Management and Telepresence Infrastructure.
We, here at Beta Technologies accelerate the convergence of
networks brining 21st century systems to use the innovative IP
NGN products with time-division-multiplexing (TDM) for
advance operations and better results.


There are several solutions that have been designed to meet
the evolving demands of customer-centric environment and
some of them are: Unified Contract Center Enterprise and
SocialMiner. The focus of these solutions is to drive your
business towards effective collaboration with clients for
improved user experience.


The framework of an organization is based on a myriad of
devices that often carry crucial information associated with the
enterprise and these can be managed from one particular
location with the help of device compatibility & collaboration
services and solutions and they are: Quad, Jabber and WebEx.


We support various infrastructure elements for a consistent,
progressive and reliable system,

  • Unified Video Conferencing
  • TelePresence Server
  • Video Communication Services
  • Unified Video Conferencing
  • Unified Communication Manager

Managing your mobile data center does not have to be a difficult
task. Our data services and solutions simplifies the entire
process every day, handling the unique issues of your business
and by understanding the essential role that data plays in its
We realize that mobile data centers have become more dynamic
than ever and are constantly evolving with future-centric
developments. In such a scenario, you need our complete
mobile data solutions and services which optimize every
component of the data right from planning operations, designing
functionalities, execution till management of the core elements.


The active monitoring solutions of Beta Technologies are
developed to protect the mobile data center of organizations from
environmental, human or physical threats that can lead to
downtime or disruption of the data infrastructure. Our data center
solutions and services are backed by the advance products,
making it a complete scalable suite networked for cameras,
access controls, appliances that are meant to secure the data
servers to network closets.
No matter what their size or type of business might be, the
modular designs and user-defined options, helps us offer nothing
but the best to our customers. They alters processed through
these systems are immediately sent to the owner through
integrated channels in the event of escalation of policies.
To manage multiple systems at once, our professionals combine
them at one platform through our premium mobile data products
that collect, organize and distribute the critical data, while
ensuring a single view application. Though this you can
seamlessly monitor the data that is part of the system, who can
have access to them and what is being done to that particular
piece of data anytime using mobile devices.


The mobile data center solutions provided by Beta Technologies in an
invaluable asset for enterprises, because using this you can:

  • Take advantage of data center infrastructure management (DCIM)
    solutions structured through StructureWare, RF Code and Modius
  • Enhancing the cooling efficiency of the data center using Schneider
  • Improve the data center cold/hot aisle containment
  • Implement facility for power distribution, remote power control, UPS,
    environmental monitoring, equipment racks and enclosures and
    mobile data centers.

Right from initial assessment to facility operations and maintenance, our
competent team of professionals are there to help you through every
phase of the process so as to make your data center efficient, safe and
available with superior products.


Beta Technologies has been working on scalable modular data centers
from years and our professionals have conquered unrivalled experience
in enterprise mobile data solutions and services. To dwell holistic data
management platform, we have integrated our services with world
renowned data architecture and operational independence of premium
vendors. This allows us to discover and implement accurate combination
of software, hardware and associated services that will let your business
achieve a competitive edge in data infrastructure excellence.
We create various mobile datacenter designs and innovative products,
from transforming the present solutions that you use by building advance
data centers with the power of premium solutions. Because almost every
process of a business is related to Information and Communication
Technology (ICT). With growth of companies, data centers expand and
this leads to complexities in the infrastructure of ICT. Such problems can
only be addressed with our certified measures to capture and secure
crucial data of your business.
With our mobile data center solutions and services in collaboration with
pre-configured modular data centers, we are able to provide more ICT
and decrease the overall cost of ownership involved. We formulate
adaptable strategies, from virtualization to optimization of the data
center, over the infrastructure to cloud computing services to develop an
effective hybrid model. Beta Technologies integrates the tailored data
solutions by giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the core
aspects of the business. Though the best technologies, we make sure
that you stay online today, tomorrow and for years to come.


In comparison to the traditional data center, the next generation modular
data centers are just what any enterprise would ever need and are
looking for. Their speed is about 88% faster and they are completely
pre-tested for efficient cooling, integrated power, monitoring, IT
management and powerful facilities.
The HPE Pods are first of its kind that reduces lead time to a greater
extent and features Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs),
where you can collocate the data using its state-of-art facilities with
superior performance, flexibility and security.
A widespread distribution of over 140 data centers around the globe
driven, allows us to assist you with data recovery solutions that meets the
desired standards of privacy, recovery objectives and safety of your
business. Make the most of the supercomputing power and boost a
high-performing computing environment for your enterprise with Beta