Data Center

The need of hybrid business management systems has
increased dramatically with time. Making companies dependent
upon specialized IT solutions and services to perform critical
applications. IT is an integral framework of a business that must
be managed efficiently and effectively.
This is where the managed services of Beta Technologies come
for the rescue. Known for lower operational costs, advance breed
of tools and better automation our services can help you
overcome the present infrastructure challenges in no time.
We provide enterprise grade reliability and security with our
premium data center solutions and services contributing to
significant mobility and productivity benefits, while reducing the
average IT expenditure of your firm. The major highlights of our
Network, Video Conferencing, Telepresence, Optical, Wireless
and Data Centre are:

  • Leveraging an advance data center model which reconnects
    with customers through digital business and enhances its
    value and
  • Deploying agile and flexible interconnection of data center
    making it a dynamic asset for your business.


We aim to take your enterprise to the new heights with
high-quality, innovative and profitable services nurturing the
results that you always aspired to have. We consider each client
as a partner whose success leads to our success because the
true potential of our company lies in the strength of your business
and not profits.
So, come be a part of the future today with our next generation of
Mobility Solutions, Technology Solutions & Engineering
Solutions optimized to serve varied industries.
Because the performance of your business rests within the
decisions that you make and when it comes to dynamic systems
and solutions for increased productivity and instant collaboration
there cannot be a better destination than Beta Technologies.


To support the various applications of your business
successfully, Beta Technologies relies on the software, cloud
services and hardware, including but not limited to

  • Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI): Features the next
    generation of connectivity for business applications by
    constructing a dynamic network to match your demands.
  • Unified Computing System (UCS): A renowned server
    architect that transforms the virtual space of any company
    with rapid configuration according to the changing needs.
  • InterCloud Fabric (ICF): The power of future cloud solution
    rests now in the innovative ICF services and solutions that
    enriches incredible network and telepresence & video
    conferencing for a well-managed enterprise.

The availability and exponential growth of information has led to the
development of “advance data environment”. How an organization decodes,
leverages, and protects the data can have a strong impact over the
competitiveness and performance of the business.
From data processing to real-time storage along with risk minimization, Beta
Technologies can help you simplify and consolidate the information landscape
with superior control and greater visibility of the data.
Through the revolutionary data systems of Beta Technologies, businesses are
able to overcome the common causes of data loss, power problems, hardware
damage temperature and downtime.


In order to provide effective Data solutions and services, our company aims to
provide world-leading data center, through our vendor expertise and skill
resources have remained to the building blocks behind our proven success rate.
Through the revolutionary data systems of Beta Technologies, businesses are
able to overcome the common causes of data loss, power problems, hardware
damage temperature and downtime.


Not only can you enhance the performance of your business
but at the same time:

  • Streamline multiple forms of information sources
  • Organize, view and analyze large collection of data
    in real-time
  • Enhance the ROI spent on the technologies
  • Securely store, capture or manage huge amount of
    data across the organization
  • Implement real-time insights for improved
    responsiveness and agility and
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of
    business reports

Be it strategic expertise for infrastructure or consultation to analyze
data needs, our services are designed in such a manner that they
meet the demands of small, medium and large scale companies
without any complications. Moreover, the services can be tailored
according to the specifications and necessities of your business and
can be updated as per its critical applications.


Business Intelligence (BI), global networks, mobile devices,
customer interactions and more, each one of them has contributed
significantly to the world of data. While the problems of data security
possess to be a huge challenge, future-focused and innovative
products offered by us help in leveraging data and always you a step
ahead of the stiff competition.
Supported by scalable and secure data infrastructure, with Beta
Technologies there is nothing that you have to worry about. Our
services help your business seamlessly manage data without having
to burden the IT sources, saving your valuable capital and time.
Beta Technologies believes that the true meaning of expansion can
only be curtailed with incorporation of innovative, adaptable and
agile technologies. Taking this concept a step forward, our company
has collaborated with the premium data center specialist to help
clients continuously enhance the way they work. We are a platinum
partner of many leading vendors, offering value to businesses
through data center, procurement and desktop solutions.


Managing a large amount of data at once can be a time consuming,
costly and complex task. In fact, the constantly developing
information landscape demands for a responsive, efficient and
flexible data infrastructure and all of this within the strict budget and
limited resources that you hold.
Proactive data center services and solutions programmed by us can
empower any business and lead its path towards innovation. The
experience that we offer sets us apart. With our managed services
and in-depth understanding on the various parameters of data
solutions, we analyze every aspect of the business and then come
up with services that you always wanted to have.
Most importantly, the model can be tailored, giving you the
opportunity to choose the one that’s suitable for you. Be it the basic
data infrastructure solutions or hybrid communications, networking
or telephony we work as an extension to your team and become a
trusted partner who understand the requirements of your business
and the technology that it needs.


At our Beta Technologies data center solutions and services, we
generate insights and visibility that are essential to capitalize the
upcoming opportunities for your business. Whether it’s about
customer behavior, market trends, network activity or sales
information, we help you store each and every vital piece of data in
our high-end infrastructure keeping them safe and secure. This
means no matter what the size or type of business might be, you can
manage the crucial data effectively with our one of a kind data center
solutions and services.